Premium Pink 2in1 Wrap Wig | FS210
Premium Pink 2in1 Wrap Wig | FS210
Premium Pink 2in1 Wrap Wig | FS210
Premium Pink 2in1 Wrap Wig | FS210

Premium Pink 2in1 Wrap Wig | FS210

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2in1 Wrap Wig- Hair Bun with attached Headband for Women and Girls – Perfect for Zoom Meetings, Quick Errands, Alopecia -Extremely Lightweight, Comfortable and Easy-To-Wear

Do you often have to leave the house in a hurry to run a quick errand? Have you always wished to wear a lace wig but struggle doing the baby hair ?

Do you want to look good for zoom meetings in a second? Or be fabulous for your special events?

Do you have Alopecia?

Bingo! Grab yours

Let me tell you why this will help you:

*Save your edges: instead of using a lace, we decided to add a headband that will no require any glue; this will give rest to your edges and prevent them from being pulled out.

*Ready in a second: you only need a second to get ready for a zoom meeting, video call, quick errands, meetups with friends; no baby hair skills needed, no lace melting skill needed. Just throw it on your head and go; a great wig for beginners.

* Change Your Look in an Instant: You will never have to worry about your hairstyle again as you can easily change your appearance and look different for any occasion.

*Pocket friendly: our wig fits easily in a small bag so that you can always have it and wear it as needed.


  • Hair Type: Synthetic Hair
  • Headband material:  90%Polyester , 10%Spandex
  • Cap size: fit from 21.5" to 25" circumference and comes with an elastic cord in the back for easy adjustment
  • Ready in a minute: Our headbands gives off the same chic vibe as it will make you look super stylish and classy in just one minute. Wear our wig on a casual day or a meet up with your friends – you will not only look stylish but will emit the “fun and cool” vibes no matter where you go!

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: Each wrapwig is made with care because we aim to provide you with the best. However, if there's any issue, please feel free to contact us at
  • Enjoy our free shipping on all orders and if you are not satisfied with the product you can return within 07 days.

It will not only add style to your look but also safeguard your hair! What else would you ever want?